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I wanted to tell you what created this moon magic skincare line was a near-death experience in 2013, which sent me on a path to finding inner peace. During that hospital stay, God visited and downloaded the recipes for Onwa Beauty to me.


Sometimes I look back on that time in the hospital and think God loves me enough to send me these ideas, which I must pursue to the best of my ability! Sometimes I look forward with fear, thinking, how will I do it all? How will it come together?... Then I remember that God loves me, and I am never alone.

During my healing and awareness of God, one day, I was car talking with God. I was ranting and raving about how can I get this done! How can I do this, and how can I do that...

God said, "let go of how and prepare for WOW."
Since then, I have lived, loved, and laugh always in WOW moments.

In addition to excellent service and unbeatable products, I provide helpful beauty tips and advice to inspire our clients and keep them on-trend. I love engaging with the community and have become a self-proclaimed expert in intuitive skincare.

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Welcome to my moon magic skincare line!

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