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Do you feel fear, anxiety, or agitation? These can be our most important messengers.

What is your body telling you?  What is your soul saying? What is your own frequency saying are you currently out of tune with your own inner harmony?


We live in a complicated world. The current state of our society often leads us to function from within a state of fight-or-flight, which is a high anxiety state. Fight or flight certainly has its place, but it needs to be let go of or set aside, immediately afterward. It is not a state to live in constantly, as it seems so many are finding themselves doing these days. Maintaining a state of fight-or-flight for extended periods of time leads to excessive and intrusive worrying that disrupts daily functioning, agitation, restlessness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritability, tense muscles, and trouble sleeping.


Releasing through shadow work can help us to move out of the fight-or-flight into a state of resting Bliss. Shadow work is not a battle, it is an embrace. Do not push down and suppress the denser energies, but embrace it and listen to these messages from a state of love and gratitude, this is the way to ultimately release. Working in this way can bring about massive shifts in your life.


the shadow is a concept that refers to the repressed weaknesses, shortcomings, and instincts that we hold in our unconscious mind. They can be the things we do not like about ourselves. As well, they can be the things that we do not want to admit we have the potential to be or feel. These inner shadow aspects lie within us all, and if left unrecognized, they affect how we interact with ourselves and the world around us. It can leave a person feeling depressed, angry, or unsatisfied with their life and relationships.


In this workshop, I will encourage you to have a musical dialogue through this sound bowl healing and activation. This activation will create a conversion that connects with your representation of shadow. Because I am a sound healer certified I have a full scale of singing bowls to transmute and integrate into this musical dialogue. In this workshop we will ask the question “Who are you?,” or “What do you want/need to express to me?,” and with careful supportive instructions we will receive back shadow’s response. 
I look forward to the ugly cry and the deep release in this  Soul Evacuation Shadow work sound healing event


3 pm PM - 5:30 pm: PM 

4941 Wayne Ave, Store

Philadelphia, PA, 19144



Shadow Work Sound Healing

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