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Single Breath Work Session with Lola

breathing in the transformative power of their own divine essence

  • 15 min
  • 33 US dollars
  • Philadelphia

Service Description

Lee Ann, affectionately known as Lola, is a revered Afro-Puerto Rican Taino spiritualist, whose breath work practices harness the profound magic of the Holy Spirit, the energies of the New and Full Moons, and the ancient wisdom of Yoga. Her transformative approach to breathwork integrates five powerful Yoga breathing processes, each offering unique benefits to enhance spiritual connection and overall well-being. 1. **Alternate Nostril Breathing Prep - Anuloma Viloma:** Lola begins with this soothing practice, gently guiding her followers to balance the flow of energy within their bodies. Anuloma Viloma harmonizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain, promoting mental clarity and emotional equilibrium. With each breath, she encourages her participants to release tension and create space for divine inspiration. 2. **Three Part Yogic Breath Prep - Dirga Pranayama Prep:** The Three Part Yogic Breath is the foundation of Lola's breathwork sessions. With deep inhalations and exhalations, she teaches her disciples to embrace the fullness of life. This practice fills the body with vital energy, fostering a sense of grounding and presence in the present moment. 3. **Lion’s Breath - Simhasana:** Lola's Lion's Breath exercise channels the fierce energy of the mighty feline, awakening inner strength and courage. As participants roar out their breath, they release pent-up emotions and empower themselves to face life's challenges with grace and resilience. 4. **Bellows Breath - Bhastrika Pranayama:** Bhastrika Pranayama, the Bellows Breath, ignites the inner fire. Lola guides her students to stoke their internal furnace, generating warmth and vitality. This practice enhances metabolism, detoxification, and a profound sense of inner power. 5. **The Ocean Breath - Ujjayi Breath:** Finally, Lola leads her followers into the calming rhythm of the Ocean Breath, or Ujjayi Pranayama. As they embrace the soothing sound of their own breath, they find serenity and a deep connection to their spiritual essence. Ujjayi breath encourages profound relaxation, making it easier to navigate the ebbs and flows of life's journey. Lola's breathwork sessions are a sacred fusion of Taino traditions, Afro-Puerto Rican spirituality, and the wisdom of Yoga. Through these practices, she empowers her community to access their inner sanctum, harnessing the potent energy of the moon and the Holy Spirit, and breathing in the transformative power of their own divine essence.

Contact Details

  • Philadelphia, PA, USA

    ‪(609) 666-4660‬

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